[discuss] Failure of the Survey

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Mar 5 16:29:31 UTC 2014

Thanks, this is a good response, Adiel. 
I don't know about others, but I never attributed bad intentions to the survey creators. It just struck me as a hasty idea that reflected the 1net coordinating committee's confusion about its role. 

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Dear all,

I think the massive disagreement on the process and this overall attempt to put something together for /1net as contribution to NETMundial by 8th March is loudly heard. I don't think the intention was to impose the content to anyone on the list. But mistakes and missteps happen. We need to learn from them to improve but we must move on. I can tell you that there won't be any submission to NETMundial from /1Net anymore and the survey will not serve any similar purpose either. A process for efficiently engage the wider list on activities like this and the interaction with the SC should be developed (with the input off all) and implement. However I will suggest that the comments received (from those nevertheless who took their time to fill in the survey) be used to advance some of the discussions on this list. There are already more than  150 people who took it (from information I have), with some interesting contributions and views. If there are other idea on how to use what will be collected, please share. Sorry for the  failure of this particular process and please let close the discussion about it for now and move on to discuss the important matters in hand. 


- a.

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