[discuss] What is the scope of Internet Governance? Proposal from CCIA's NetMundial submission

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Dear all,

As I recall there was a robust discussion of how to define what 'Internet governance' consists of. We've had 10 years of debate about what the definition in the Tunis Agenda means in practical terms, yet no agreement.

In our submission, CCIA has proposed a set of four principles that we believe make it much simpler to decide the scope of the term, without conflicting with the definition in Tunis: a different lens through which to view the subject.

Our whole submission and rationale for these principles may be found here: http://content.netmundial.br/contribution/submission-to-the-global-stakeholder-meeting-on-the-future-of-internet-governance/248. You will find other submissions echo some, or all, of them.

The principles are:
The network and the data that network carries are in fact (and are to be treated as) entirely separate at the policy level
No stakeholder may take measures that compromise the ability of the network to connect the greatest number of users at the lowest cost and as efficiently as possible.
The management of, and access to, data that traverses the network is not a subject of international Internet Governance.
Regulating the Internet, or technology more generally, will not solve social problems.
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