[discuss] What are the actual goal(s) of the proposal?(was Re: Roadmap for globalizing IANA)

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Hello JFC thanks for your response, kindly find my response inset

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 9:50 PM, Jefsey <jefsey at jefsey.com> wrote:

> At 19:42 07/03/2014, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>> > What if the IANA IETF agreement is terminated?
>> Can you further explain this and it's implication? What other agreement
>> do you refer?
> Please see my preceding post on IETF/IANA relations (IETF 89, meeting)
> The IANA comes from the IETF. The arrangement is RFC 2860.

Thanks for pointing me to this. The MOU seem to exclude the policy issues
relating to assignment of domain names and IP address which i think its
indirectly saying that would be ICANN's role (?)

> It can be changed if ICANN does not adhere to the IETF values anymore.
> These core values are expressed in RFC 3935 and a new paradigm is defined
> in RFC 6852. IETF does not only produce parameters, it also produces RFCs.
> What happens if IETF simplifies and stabilises as other SDOs do and only
> publishes through the RFC Editor (IANA is just following the RFC IANA
> sections).
> Well i wouldn't expect those values not to be adhered to as they seem to
be desired by current ICANN judging from all their recent efforts. However
what i wonder is whether those values are indeed adhered to by relevant
governmental bodies.

> At the presentime DNSA is a vapor, the MDRS is a long standing project,
> with tables in development for years and a site. So these things are not
> real yet, but they might be soon.

When i googled MDRS, the first on the list has to do with IT in planet Mars
;) so do you mind indicating the actual meaning of the acronym ;)

They have to be designed consistantly.
> Yeah thats the spirit of multistakeholder(ism) ;)

All this is very confuse.
> You bet it is.  What i also like to get clarification about is who/what
exactly is the process to approving a proposal such as the one presented by
Milton?. i.e is it at ICANN that such proposal is to be finally
approved?(which i doubt considering the fact that this goes beyond ICANN),
is it IETF?, is it IANA? or is it NTIA (which by my understanding happen to
actually seem to be the current ultimate determining factor).
I am looking to get an understanding of all this, so i did know that we
will indeed get somewhere after all the long talks here. We can discuss and
make out fantastic proposals, however they need to go beyond paper, they
need to be implemented.

So who has the final say on things like this?


> jfc


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