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I agree that you are "floating."  Disagree with the rest, to the extent that this is intelligible.

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At 10:05 12/03/2014, Eliot Lear wrote:
>>Disruptive technologies occur precisely because no one understands
>>their ultimate societal impact and/or no one in established authority
>>has any say about it.

This time I will comment a Milton's input;  What Milton attempts is admirable but totally disconnected from reality, while what the IETF achieved is a disconnected reality. What might be said is that IETF has created is a technology. What Milton's fights for is democracy.
Both are out of the reality for a  very simple reason: there are billions of technologies at the exterior of the precise IETF technology, and democracy is by necessity an interior issue since it is organized by a constitution.

Multistakeholderism is about organizing together the ulterior, the virtual, i.e. artificial space where the US wants to be the Empire and no more an island off the unique authoritative ISO ruled continent.

There is only a way to organize a democratic internet: it is that the US colonizes the cyberspace. They try doing it through "globlization", i.e. pretenting that this is MS, i.e. the conceptual opposite to democracy ("we hate king, presidents, and votes, we only believe in running code and living mode" [cf. IUCG]: we concert our individial sovereign decisions).

There is a way to organize a multitechnology internet, it is to complete Vint Cerf's project: VGNs at the presentation layer level.
As JFC says "the networks of the network of networks".

This is an MS world where everyone from ICANN to me (I am strictly
*analyzing* the proposition, no more) is the VGNIC of their own VGN, associated in the polycratic Digital Name Services Association pragmatically inspired from the Milton's democratic propoistion. The relation between ICANN and the DNSA is simple: ICANN is one among inter DNSA pares.

I am just floating the way I analyze VGNs, to see the comments.


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