[discuss] Roadmap for globalizing IANA

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Thu Mar 13 03:23:17 UTC 2014

I am a professionnal analyst of information. As such I do not like to 
be called a liar by people calling on others' trust. Because it 
obliges me to personnally step in what I should only report, what 
will erode their trustee's image.

What is impressive today is that reminding or asking about the simple 
truth, makes the ICANN Chair, the ARIN Chair, an high level leading 
ICANN community aparachick 
and an EMC member to associate in order to bash me, and show me so 
right! Thank you so much for what you indirectly told today!

1. Steve, what you say is contradicted by your own organization's 
published active policy statements.
     http://www.icann.org/en/resources/cctlds/delegation -
     Some is wrong. You should adjust them?

2. Carlos, why do you think you need to confort Steve's uncorrect 
points? Is that there are some mails of yours which could be quoted 
that show that you are perfectly familiar with the ICP-1 very clear 
mecanism: ICANN is the clark, IANA carries the work and NTIA 
approves. ICANN and IANA register nothing. Those who registers are 
those who sign. ICANN signs nothing, it forwards forms that it made 
filled and proposes new country codes as member of the ISO 3166/MA.

3. This is not because I ask you questions on VGN pertinence that I 
spouse the concept: But I actually admire how well you have 
understood the concept and use it apropriately but never-the-less 
deny its use/reference as far as the Global Multistakeholder Internet 
Governance is concerned: this is to be reserved only to those who 
consider that IG means the way ICANN is to be globalized.

Your comments on the US poor internet policy look unfortunately so 
naive. There is a long time business pros have a clear vision of the 
ingeniosity of the US and US military/industrial complex strategy 
over the last 40 years (some having participated to it). Dispising it 
can only surprise from you,and (what is sad) amuse.

4. Gregory: what did Steve attempted?  Only to show me right. what 
did Steve do in pretending that ICANN is the decision maker in terms 
of new TLD? Smoke screening the USG unique authoritative decision.


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