[discuss] Will there be life on 1net after IANA is globalized? (:-)

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Hi Naresh,

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 10:24 PM, Naresh Ajwani <ajwaninaresh at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thanks Greg for the elaborative response. Frankly, it has raised yet more
> queries, may be because of my firm belief in all inclusiveness and no
> spiritless processes.
> "..... In  a sense, the best protection for a potential "minority view" is
> not to end up as a minority view, but rather to end up influencing the
> consensus so that it resembles that view to the extent possible, with the
> result that the consensus is thus acceptable to the group holding what
> might otherwise have been a minority view....."
> To the best of my experience, especially  in case of sensitive issues,
> such spirit is lacking. Be that as it may, you would appreciate that  even
> in your explained ideal environment, the processes are at the most blending
> minorty views but not protecting them and that itself, in my view  is
> against multistakeholderism.  It is a known fact that every stakeholder
> isn't entitled to same equity and justifiably because internet commenced
> from one corner of the world.

Can you elaborate on your experience, especially on which issues are

My experience is the opposite of yours.  I have always found the Technical
Community processes to be very accommodating of minority views.   As a
former WG Chair in the RIR system I actually have experience finding
consensus among a disparate community of policy volunteers.
In addition, to echo what Dr. Pisanty says downthread, there is a great
deal of outreach going on.  I recall that in the AFRINIC region, they have
built a new WG to engage government folks and to help bring them into the
PDP.  The RIPE region also has a similar outreach program for governments


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