[discuss] studying multistakeholder processes (was: Re: [governance] U.S. to Give Up Oversight of Web Policymaking Body)

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Hi folks. Some of you may be interested in my dissertation regarding the historical background of this stuff. 

It can be found at 


FWIW, since then, I've put considerable effort into prototyping an online discourse venue that would leverage the ranked-choice system used in ICANN's at large Board member election in 2000, along with some liquid democracy techniques. I haven't succeeded in drumming up any practical interest yet, though I did engage with some folks on the ICANN strategy panel not long ago. http://thegovlab.org/icann2/

Craig Simon

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(Subject line repair above:-)

Hi Michael,

On 03/15/2014 09:19 PM, michael gurstein wrote:
> A (preferably critical and independent) analysis of the MS experience with
> the IETF 

I know there have been various postgrad (masters and PhD) studies
done of IETF decision making/consensus processes. I don't know the
details of outcomes off the top of my head but could track down
one or two if that helped. Ping me offlist if interested.

Personally, I've no idea if there a generalisable idea that
could be derived from that that could be called multistakeholderism
(which is a horrible term btw!) but I guess the work could inspire
folks. Or if similar studies have also been done with ICANN or
parts of the open-source community those might be useful as
examples of ways of doing stuff.


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