[discuss] Statement of the European Commission of 15.03.2014: Towards further Globalisation of the Internet

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Towards further Globalisation of the Internet

European Commission - STATEMENT/14/70   15/03/2014

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European Commission


Brussels, 15 March 2014

Towards further Globalisation of the Internet

Brussels, 15 March 2014 - Vice President Neelie Kroes today warmly welcomed
the announcement of the United States Government to "transition out of the
IANA function", which will allow a more global multi-stakeholder basis for
an important element of governance of the Internet.

"This is an historical step in making Internet governance truly global, and
marks major progress towards the development of a multi-stakeholder model
as advocated in the Commission's recent Communication" Vice-President Kroes

Until now the United States has had the final say in changes to globally
used data on top-level Internet domain names, such as .com or .de.  The
Commission has been pushing for such a move since 2009 and, most recently
in its Communication on Internet Policy and Governance of 12 February 2014,
called for the globalisation of the IANA functions.

The Commission's Communication - like the US announcement - stresses the
need to safeguard in the globalisation process the security and stability
of the Internet, and commits to the multi-stakeholder model of governance.

"It is a very timely announcement, ahead of an important multi-stakeholder
conference in São Paulo on Internet governance principles and the future
evolution of the governance ecosystem" added Vice President Kroes. "The
European Commission will work together with the US and with all global
stakeholders to implement the globalisation of the IANA functions in a
process that is accountable and transparent, and in a manner that secures
the open Internet and that will underpin human rights."

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