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At 17:09 16/03/2014, John Curran wrote:
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>>These issues are probably to be better studied when refering to the 
>>IANA issue. The USG cannot delegate what is owned by ISOC.
>   Could you be a little clearer?

These FAQ are an easy reminder of the legal issues concerning the 
ownership of the Internet technology.

>Do you believe that the NTIA must maintain its present   IANA 
>functions contract as a result of the above reference?

IANA is an ICANN trade mark 
NTIA relinquishes something it does not own and will continue to 
control. What about Verisign.

>To the extent that ISOC and the IETF are "global customers and 
>partners of the IANA services", and any transition plan proposed 
>meets their needs and expectations (a requirement stated by NTIA), 
>why would the above reference document pose any issue?

Rights on the Internet are owned by the IETF Trust (nothing to do 
with IANA, ICANN or the NTIA). This Trust can be modified and have 
successors. It only grants right to modify or make derivative work 
outside of the IETF on a case per case basis.

The only "globalization" would be to "globalize" the IETF, the list 
and the designation process of its trustees (Jari Arkko, Scott 
Bradner, Randy Bush, Tobias Gondrom (Chair), Chris Griffiths, Bob 
Hinden, Russ Housley, Ray Pelletier,  and Kathy Brown), and most of 
all to make it independent from any USG/Congress decision (art. 10.2).


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