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Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Thu Mar 20 18:31:13 UTC 2014

John Springer <springer at inlandnet.com> wrote:

> Found the transcript:
> Very long URL shortened, http://goo.gl/0HsmQr
> and for those that don't like obfuscated URLs, google
> gnso buenos aires transcript fadi 17 surveillance
> top result

Thank you so much John for pointing me to the right document!!!

> see also page 19

which has the following text that very closely matches McTim's claim:

"And as I told you before, they were in Bali talking about putting
surveillance on the agenda, right? And we engaged them and we said, no,
you want to put surveillance as the agenda? Count us out, we're done.
We're not coming. And it was fine because we were frankly being very
direct with them. So it's not - no topics will be discussed in Brazil,
period. No topics. The only things that will be on the agenda is what
we said from the beginning: We can talk about high level principles and
we can talk about institutional frameworks, no topics. We can talk
about how we do Internet governance, not what do we do about a certain
topic." (Fadi Chehadé, 17 November 2013.)

Now knowing what specific session to look for, it wasn't too hard to
also find the audio recording; it can be downloaded from
http://buenosaires48.icann.org/en/schedule/sun-gnso-working/audio-gnso-working-3-17nov13-en .

I have verified on the basis of the audio recording that the
above-quoted transcript section is accurate.


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