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Keith Davidson keith at internetnz.net.nz
Fri Mar 21 09:45:57 UTC 2014

Thanks Wolfgang for the further triggers to memories of the "good old 
days" I recall several significant ccTLDs seriously discussing the 
deployment of alternate root servers and walking out of the ICANN 
process altogether - such was the dismay with the idea of the 3-way 
contracts ICANN was insisting on.

Since its inception, ICANN has tried to intertwine the IANA contract 
into its own activities to the extent of making IANA inextricable from 
ICANN. So while those early days were really unhealthy, I don't think 
there has ever been a particularly healthy state for ICANN in regard to 
the IANA function. The last contract renewal with its forced functional 
separation possibly caused some discomfort.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to remind us all that we need the 
right "checks and balances" to ensure the current and future ICANN is 
fully accountable and transparent and the best way to achieve this is 
through a structural separation of policy and procedure for the IANA 



On 18/03/2014 11:18 p.m., "Kleinwächter, Wolfgang" wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> thanks for this history. As I remember, part of the pressure on ccTLDs to enter into contractual relationship with ICANN (the proposed trilateral mechanism was nicknamed the T-Bone) was the plan, that ccTLD should pay for the IANA service (based on the number of name registrations under the given ccTLD). Among others, Sabine from DENIC rejected this as a matter of principle. The discussion triggered the elaboration of the GAC ccTLD principles and ICANN gave up the idea to push for contracts with ccTLD registries. Now ccTLDs make, if they wish, voluntary financial contributions.
> In my eyes this is a good example how the multistakeholder bottom up open and transparent process works. ICANN was in it early years, still a baby in the craddle, and had to learn a lot. And it learned. Slowly, but it stumbled forward. ICANN is still a teenager. But it has matured. It has still to learn more. In 2018 ICANN becomes a "twen" :-))).
> wolfgang
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