[discuss] FW: Comcast undertakes 9 year IETF cosponsorship!?

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue Mar 25 17:03:52 UTC 2014

At 04:08 25/03/2014, Stephen Farrell wrote:
>I reckon those trying to do that in this thread are doing a
>pretty bad job of it by continually demonstrating ignorance of
>issues that are critical to this particular discussion.

excuse me: I admire your candor, but how can you be so naive? Please 
read carefully the first part of RFC 3869 and ask yourself why IAB 
took the time to write it. There are several ways to tamper with 
standards. In research and in details, i.e. in financing 
architectonics and in implementation aspects. This means in fooling 
the IAB before the charter, and in the labs of those who introduce 
RFCs. Are you in that case?

I would be quite interested if someone could explain me why, in terms 
of business return and Congress legislation evolution Comsat and its 
likes would be interested in internet innovation.

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