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Well, I discussed this at some length in my blogpost
<http://t.co/EU8F1LgUn6>  but I've just been pointing to the Aspen Report
ingle_Global_Digital_Economy_Aspen_IDEA_Project_0.pdf>  where they
(including participation from several of those on this list) are discussing
remaking the entire global economy in a MS image or the St. Amour/Tapscott
work-part-i/>  which even more ambitiously talks about re-structuring all of
global governance and society in a MS image.




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On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 11:20:24AM -0700, michael gurstein wrote:


> into much broader areas of Global (Internet) policy making where the 

> significance and operating effects of the model will be quite different.


I'm not entirely sure I agree, but that might be because I'm not sure which
sorts of policy you're thining of.  Could you give me an example of
something that is a policy, is not like the sorts of policies developed by
(say) RIRs or ICANN in terms of its significance mentioned above, and which
would not be amenable to any multi-stakeholder approach to "the tussle"?








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