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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat May 17 19:08:47 UTC 2014

On 17-May-14 14:48, jolufuye at aficta.org wrote:
> Nice article 


> but I do not agree that big corporations only influenced
> the outcome. A balanced expression would have been "big and small
> corporations ... "because I also represent small business and I
> participated in Netmundial and CSTD Working Group on Enhanced
> Cooperation on /equal footing/.
> Cheers,

In which case I made my point badly.

I agree
(mixed metaphor alert)
We all had a voice during the process on a equal footing

But I argue that at the end of the last day,
in the last discussions,
in the bargaining over the final wording:

some footing was more equal than others.



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>     >My take:
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>     >was not
>     "Some of us, myself included, are dismayed at the fact that some of
>     the corporations used their wealth based power to sway the outcome
>     document at the very end of the discussion, but that happens in the
>     multilateral world as well, just less visibly and without any chance
>     for other stakeholders to do anything to counter it. "
>     This seems to well designate the three Enhanced Cooperation/IG
>     visions under consideration:
>     - multilateral >> among sovereign states (ITU)
>     - multistakeholders >> influencable by wealth based powers (NETmundial)
>     - multitude >> dynamic tensegrity among free individuals (LSP4NET).
>     The three of them accomodate the IGF as a source of mutual information.
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