[discuss] NETmundial and CSTD mtg

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Sun May 18 06:44:53 UTC 2014

Having followed this process as closely as possible as a remote
participant (including via very unofficial channel involving copies of
intermediary versions of the draft outcome document) I agree with this
important observation by Avri.

That is exactly what happened, and if we close our eyes to this
reality, we are just fooling ourselves.


Avri Doria <avri at acm.org> wrote:

> But I argue that at the end of the last day,
> in the last discussions,
> in the bargaining over the final wording:
> some footing was more equal than others.


>     At 17:07 17/05/2014, Avri Doria wrote:  
>     >My take:
>     >http://avri.doria.org/post/85948899480/netmundial-was-an-act-of-enhanced-cooperation-cstd
>     >was not  
>     "Some of us, myself included, are dismayed at the fact that some
>     of the corporations used their wealth based power to sway the
>     outcome document at the very end of the discussion, but that
>     happens in the multilateral world as well, just less visibly and
>     without any chance for other stakeholders to do anything to
>     counter it."

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