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There is a big ocean out there that can't be boiled.

Tim Berners-Lee's magna carta idea is an attempt to set out agreed top
level principles to frame how those interventions within and between
Governments on matters related to privacy and security over digital
networks are handled. That is a big idea.

The top level of IG debate is being bogged down by a lack of such
understanding and the failure to separate national security interests
from the management of network resources. There is a long history and
deeply embedded institutional frameworks that have tied these two
tightly together and it is going to take a huge shift in culture, based
on new confidence in making significant operational changes to evolve
political expectations.

The devolution of the IANA function is a victim of this. The question is
can it be separated from the broader governmental discussion by
demarcating clearly the limit to its scope and scale whilst establishing
a form of API to support open interaction with all stakeholders
including with those at ICANN, and new developments in global
multi-lateral governance and debates at IGF and other places?

The issue here is that we may not need new institutions but we do need
new institutional thinking in almost all the existing ones. That
suggests a long period of transition ahead where the balances between
stakeholders will be fluid.


> Nick Ashton-Hart <mailto:nashton at internet-ecosystem.org>
> 18 May 2014 10:54
> Dear Avri,
> As someone who had the 'privilege' of sitting through big parts of
> CSTD (and all of NetMundial), I see a lot of truth in what you have said. 
> What is not there - and this is not a criticism; I don't think you
> were looking to address it - is the scale of the problem we are facing.
> Simply put: a number of countries that previously fought for a
> states-based IG paradigm would accept a compromise. Post-Snowden, that
> is largely untrue: success in any multistakeholder venue is now to
> ensure that the /process/ is a failure.
> This cannot be dealt with inside of IG because the problem is a
> symptom of issues elsewhere. I think we all know what they are - and
> now the addition of a powerful political imperative because of
> surveillance.
> It shouldn't be this way, but IG is now much more of a hostage to
> politics rather than a place where compromise can be found and issues
> explored logically; it was bad before but it is now near the point of
> seizure. If we don't want the Internet to suffer fundamentally, then
> we need to look at the underlying issues and be willing to find ways
> to deal with those underlying issues where there is an option.
> I must stress: IG is not the venue for most of these issues to be
> solved, or even discussed in depth. It has no decision-making venues
> that can give a solution, and moreover, these other issues are not
> Internet issues or Internet governance issues at all, but rather
> broader social issues and need the expertise and experience of those
> venues and participants who know them.
> In the human rights council there is a very productive work plan on
> privacy and rights online. There is a process beginning at UNESCO,
> too. There are others; the work of the ECWG has mapped out quite a few
> of them. 
> *What we can do within the IG framework is reach out to these
> institutions and those who participate in them and ask how we can help
> - and as a concrete proposal, we should ask them all to hold focus
> sessions at the IGF to help us all understand their work better. As I
> will not be in Paris for the MAG I hope that some of you who are will
> take this up.
> *
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