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Brilliant. Planning has to move ahead quickly, so if you find interest, they need to work quickly to contact the Secretariat/Chengetai Masango. 
As only one MAG member, I can attest that I welcome this ideas about inclusion, and of course, this is directly consistent with para 72 of Tunis!!!!
 :-)  I am aware I am not the only MAG member on this list so I am sure that all welcome learning of this additional possible participation. 
Importantly, as well, it is the stakeholders who build and create the IGF's content in workshops and open forums and main sessions. The MAG is about planning and substance is really, in my view, from the stakeholders who participate. So, the more we know about possible new participating organizations, and stakeholders, the better! 

I hope to 'hear' many of the stakeholders online or in person during the 3 day consultation/working session of the MAG. If you are not registered to participate, visit the intgovforum.org website.
Also, if you are a coordinator of a national or regional IGF Initiative and haven't registered your meeting date with the Secretariat, you can also send the date of your planned IGF initiative meeting to the Secretariat, I understand. 
Highlighting the activities of the national and regional IGF initiatives is a particular passion and interest of mine, having acted as chief catalyst to the IGF-USA, and also working with Dr. Dmity Epstein, Cornell, on his study of the national and regional IGF initiatives, and attended a few.  I am always impressed by the excellent programs at the national and regional IGF initiatives. 
I know many of you are actually engaged in building and organizing such initiatives, but if you aren't aware of them, you can find the past reports and websites on the intgovforum.org website. 
Marilyn Cade


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<much snipped for brevity>
We do need to hear more from the existing and traditional institutions such as those you mention, but I think it is even more important to hear from those that we don't hear from - I will speak to the High Commissioner for Human Rights' office and I asked the International Trade Centre's DG last Friday to consider organising a session, as they're doing really constructive work in many countries around the world to help SMEs leverage the Internet for social and economic advancement. 
We need to hear from those organisations who are working on 'Internet public policy issues' that are not centrally about the Internet, but about social issues where there is an Internet dimension. Not only do those organisations need the benefit of this community and its knowledge and expertise, we also need theirs: we don't need to reinvent wheels. IMHO.
On 18 May 2014, at 14:11, Marilyn Cade <marilynscade at hotmail.com> wrote:so I also like the idea of the open forum approach from some key institutions. For instance, I have hopes that CSTD/UNCTAD will do an open forum, joining ITU and UNESCO and OECD. I am not suggesting that all institutions are intergovernmental or interregional governmental, only that these groups are  contributors and collaborators alongside other stakeholders and the IGOs and IOs. 
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