[discuss] [bestbits] Final draft of the IGF Mandate recommendation statement

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Wed Sep 3 17:31:40 UTC 2014

While in general being mildly supportive of a continuation of the IGF I have
considerable reservations about the current organization/governance of the
IGF including and particularly the procedures for the selection of the
membership of the MAG; the mandate of the MAG and the procedures (and
governance structures) if any, for its "evolution"; the appointment
procedures, and roles and responsibilities of the UN appointees with respect
to the IGF either in a supervisory, advisory or consultants role with the
IGF; among other issues.

Perhaps this has been covered in the discussion to date or there are
documents concerning the IGF/MAG with which I am not familiar but based on
my own observations over several years there would seem to be some actual
and potential issues concerning the current IGF which would need to be
addressed presumably as part of a decision with respect to "IGF
permanency/continuity", in whatever form that might take.

Without apparently even making an allusion to some of these issues it is
hard to see how one could support this "statement".


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Attached is the final draft of the statement re extension of the IGF
mandate.  We have engaged in many consultations and are optimistic that many
different stakeholders will sign on, possibly including countries.  
Please return any comments to me directly tonight, cc Jeanette Hofmann, and
I will manage their input prior to the opening of the document for signature
tomorrow morning.  We are looking for a suitable platform to put the
document up for signature, suggestions welcome.
Thank you all for your help on this, it has been great to work with
Stephanie Perrin and Jeanette Hofmann

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