[discuss] Renewal of the IGF Mandate: Please Sign on to the Letter

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Fri Sep 5 12:47:06 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues and fellow stakeholders of the Internet Governance Forum:
This is further to our message of September 4th, portions of which follow:

At the 9th meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, various 
stakeholders discussed their common desire to request an immediate 
extension of the IGF mandate, in order to create stabiity for the 
organization and predictability for those engaged in seeking funding for 
projects. We have drafted a statement to send to the UN, to request not 
just an immediate renewal of the IGF mandate, but rather an open-ended 
re-authorization of the IGF as a voluntary, multistakeholder forum. We 
request that other participants in the IGF also support this message on 
or before November 1.
We have created a neutral website for this project at 
www.igfcontinuation.org, to accept sign-ons of organizations, countries, 
and individuals. Please note that this is a different URL from the one 
circulated yesterday.
The undersigned will continue to collect your signatures and description 
of your organization if you have
trouble signing on.

As of 15:30 UTC+2, September 5 we have been open for signatures less 
than 24 hours, and we have 18 organizations, and 35 individuals.

Examples of how you will be listed appear below, so please provide this 
information to us if you wish us to sign on for you.
1. Jane Smith Individual
2. Acme Industry Association Association representing 150 manufacturers 
of widgets
3. [Country x] Government Please do not hesitate to contact us if you 
have questions.
Jeanette Hofmann, Berlin Social Science Center, jeanette at wzb.eu
Stephanie Perrin, Non-commercial Stakeholders Group, ICANN, 
stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca

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