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> Dear colleagues and fellow stakeholders of the Internet Governance Forum:
> This is further to our message of September 4th, portions of which follow:
> At the 9th meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, various stakeholders
> discussed their common desire to request an immediate extension of the IGF
> mandate, in order to create stabiity for the organization and
> predictability for those engaged in seeking funding for projects. We have
> drafted a statement to send to the UN, to request not just an immediate
> renewal of the IGF mandate, but rather an open-ended re-authorization of
> the IGF as a voluntary, multistakeholder forum. We request that other
> participants in the IGF also support this message on or before November 1.
>  .......
> We have created a neutral website for this project at
> www.igfcontinuation.org <http://www.IGFcontinuity.org>, to accept
> sign-ons of organizations, countries, and individuals. Please note that
> this is a different URL from the one circulated yesterday.
> The undersigned will continue to collect your signatures and description
> of your organization if you have
> trouble signing on.
> As of 15:30 UTC+2, September 5 we have been open for signatures less than
> 24 hours, and we have 18 organizations, and 35 individuals.
> Examples of how you will be listed appear below, so please provide this
> information to us if you wish us to sign on for you.
> 1. Jane Smith Individual
> 2. Acme Industry Association Association representing 150 manufacturers of
> widgets
> 3. [Country x] Government Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have
> questions.
> Jeanette Hofmann, Berlin Social Science Center, jeanette at wzb.eu
> Stephanie Perrin, Non-commercial Stakeholders Group, ICANN,
> stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
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