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from confusion to clarification

Dear friends,

Wolfgang Kleinwaechter has chosen a great title for his text. And it is 
also clear that each person develops their own interpretation. So I did too.

It's about what we call the Internet. But this is a forgery. A huge lies 
theater. And even those who declare themselves as experts often do not 
know about what they are talking.

Internet, "the Inter connection of local Networks". We have 2 elements. 
The local networks, autonomous and independent, and the connections. A 
transport system for digital data. On this basis rests my contribution 
to this discussion.

1. Decentralization must be materialized in the inner architecture. It 
is an illusion that structures, that are based on the centralism, can be 
decentralized, distributed, open and transparent organized. That is why 
the claim to have created an open and "democratic" Internet Governance 
is at most an illusion. In fact, a vast and useless theater.

2. We need a technical basis for our transport system that allows a 
distributed and open structure, because it contains these principles 
themselves. Therefore, the retention of virtual address spaces is a 
complete contradiction to our intentions for an open participation of 
all, if we take this seriously and not just talk like that. But then 
comes our focus to the derivation of the global IP address of the local 
networks from their geographical position to the foreground.

3. Internet is nothing more than "the interconnection of local 
networks". From there the name comes. It is a transport system of 
digital data. Nothing more. The technical bases prepared Louis Pouzin 
along with his colleague in the 70s of last century. There is nothing 
new. We need to understand it that we can use it.

4. The basis in order to make our internet how we need it, is the 
independence in technology. Without this independence is all just cheap 
talk. Or illusionary fog. The centralization and monopolization is a 
fact. We can not oppose with gentle arguments.

5. "think globally, act locally" and "knowledge is always world 
heritage". On this basis, the free technology arises. Free for all 
people on our planet. For the theoretical basis we work together. The 
materialization takes place locally and regionally. We help each other.

6) We need the diversity and not the monotony. Monotony always leads to 
the death. Life is diversity. In it the optimal solutions arise. It is a 
free cooperation process that don't requires any dominant center.

This post is based on my proposal "Internet, the interconnection of 
local networks", which I introduced in May 2014 in the mail list of 

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Sorry for the bad English.
many greetings, willi
La Paz, Bolivia

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