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Thanks Seun for raising this possibility. Unfortunately I have to report that the revised Netmundial Initiative is now dormant, for a number of reasons; one of which was a change of government in Brazil which wanted to distance itself from any achievements of the previous government; but there were many other reasons as well. And although some of us think a second Netmundial Conference would be beneficial, I don’t know of any initiative to get this underway.

But to also look at Olivier’s question: if this list is to be disbanded, I do hope it is archived, because I think it does have some unique historical significance. There are not many global statements that deal with the range of issues confronting the Internet – and this one is the only one I know of which was developed and adopted in a bottom-up multistakeholder fashion. So I think what went on here was unique and should not be lost from the historical record.

As regards any future; well, I must admit to a great deal of frustration personally at the way some of the issues we discussed at Netmundial have evolved since then. Personal data protection has definitely got a lot worse, both from a surveillance point of view and also as regards use of personal data for commercial purposes. And anyone trying to address these issues,and particularly their transboundary dimensions, seems confronted by a very cosy relationship between large internet corporations and a few key large governments which seems to go along the lines of “give us easy access to your data for surveillance purposes, and we won’t regulate you”. Win-win for them, the rest of us are I believe losing some fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of expression.

Some similar issues arise when we get to discuss cybersecurity and cyberwarfare, to raise a couple of other issues. These are not being addressed in a sensible manner, and I believe cannot be addressed effectively without the sort of comprehensive multistakeholder co-operation we saw at Netmundial.

So if this list fades, I hope some initiative gets underway to address these issues and looks at cross-stakeholder discussion on emerging issues in a world where nation state jurisdiction and the power of global internet corporations are on a collision course where nobody wins. I have just mentioned a few issues above, there are many more where I believe some concerted action and co-operation would be beneficial.

Ian Peter

PS Interested to know if anyone here has been stopped at US borders and denied entry until they hand over their Facebook password? I hear reports of this happening, and certainly an application for US visa includes a (non-compulsory) question where you nominate the details of your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Practices like this are awful and should never become widespread.  

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Hello Marilyn, all 

You raised an important question and my response will be... "perhaps but what will that be"?

We had this discussion sometime last year and Ian made a few points[1] one of them relating to a NetMundia in the making and I wonder if that is still in the pipeline? Perhaps this list can come alive again.

1. http://1net-mail.1net.org/pipermail/discuss/2016-April/005201.html

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  Or, should we repurpose this list? And make it meaningful again? 



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  Dear Peter,

  As with any retirement, I wonder about two questions:

  1. should this mailing list be archived? Is it a piece of Internet history?
  2. is the 1net.org domain & web site going to be archived too, beyond archive.org ?

  Warmest regards,


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    Looks like it’s time to give this list a rest. Other than faked mails with spam where all of us know they would never ever come from Patrik there seems to be no relevant traffic left here on the list. Unless some real human being tells me there is a value to remain on this list, I’ll be out in a few days.  


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    Please look into the products I've just found, I think that's what you were looking for. Take a look (phishing link removed) 

    Yours sincerely, Harvey Moses (<— dead giveaway that this is a fake mail!!)

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