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Thanks Paul for that information – it is good to know that this list and the archive are being looked after. They are an interesting piece of history. It is also good to know that there is a mailing list here with over 600 subscribers who may be interested in any future activity building on the original Netmundial meeting.

There seems to be some interested in a Netmundial+5 event in 2019, but no specific plans at this stage. This could range from a full blown independent conference to perhaps a half day meeting just before IGF2019 – so there are ways to do something useful if specific funding for a larger gathering is not available or if there is no widespread interest in a larger event.

My suggestion is that a steering committee be set up specifically to look at options for such an event. I think a new committee is necessary: both the original 1net committee and the committee from the NMI are both dormant, and I think should remain so. A new group to work on Netmundial+5 should be estabished – they can report regularly to this list on progress, and for wider feedback on meeting possibilities and  possible agendas. That I think would be a good path forward: we can establish a second mailing list for a steering group if people think this is a good idea.  

What do others think? If there is sufficient interest now is probably the time to start thinking abut a 2019 event.

Ian Peter

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Dear colleagues,

It’s nice to see this small flurry of activity on the 1net “discuss” list. APNIC has been hosting this list and its archive for a while, and have wondered from time to time about its future.

Now there are new questions about closing the list, and also about a renewed purpose, and also whether the relations between 1net and the Net Mundial Initiative (NMI) or the NetMundial meeting could still be relevant and useful.

Right now there are 637 subscribers to the list and no signs of people unsubscribing. Back in December 2013, at the height of 1net discussions, there were 566 subscribers. So there’s certainly a comunity here!

APNIC has no particular position on the future of 1net but we can host the list and the archive for as long as that is useful. And we will follow the discussion with interest.

BTW for those interested, the archive is here:


And if anyone wants to subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, they can do so here:


All the best!



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