[discuss] 1net Steering/Coordination Committees clarification

jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Sat Dec 21 20:46:29 UTC 2013

Dear Folks,
I will try to put it kindly : pease, let us all stop kidding ourselves.

What is the ITCG? What is 1net?

This is "World Coup" attempt started by storm on November 23, 2013 
(as per Google and my mails [George Sadowsky to Dave Farber]) and 
bundled a few hours ago, with the new chief of staff being assigned 
(Kathy Brown from Verizon) by the CyberWar Lords?

Everything in life is a matter of relative power:
- tempered by energy, expressed through force (up to sovereign or 
criminal violence)
- depending on the initial conditions
- attracted by final stable situations, we strive either to reach 
(esthetics by negentropy) or to avoid (confusion by entropy).

Speed is the essence of war, said Sun Tzu, who also remarked that the 
first place to win a war is in the mind of the enemy. This is what is 
being conducted here by people who were kind enough to disclose 
themselves through the business steering committee. 1net is a mental 
battlefield in the global (everyone can engage everyone) cyberwar, of 
which the target is to become a part of the economic (cf. RFC 6852) 
attractor of the digisphere. This is clear and this is reasonable.

The target of this 1net battle seems to save time in confusing the 
Internet establishment, the BRICS and the other Telcos, leading them 
to believe that the Internet is the ISOC debate and not the people's 
synergy that starts to become technologically too much demanding for 
the I*10s+IEEE and internet capacities. The technology can scale, not 
them. At least yet. I know: some ask. Frankly, if every subscriber on 
this list bluntly stopped being involved in "internet matters" at 
this precise second and forever, would the digisphere and the 
internet really notice.

If we want to be of some help to our contemporaries, let's sum our 
experience and points of views in order to respond to Nathalie's 
question: What is the internet to you?
And let jointly start from there (http://iucg.org/wiki/What_is_the_INTERNET%3F)


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