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The Internet Technical Coordination Group is the mechanism for the Internet technical community to decide on representation of its community in external groups and events  related to Internet governance.

The text below can also be found on pages 4-6 of the recent Internet technical community's call for nominations to the 1net Steering Committee and two Brazil meeting committees.



Principles for Technical Representation in the Formulation

and Implementation of Effective Internet Governance

5 October 2013


Since the World Summit on the Information Society, discussions on Internet Governance have involved different stakeholder communities including the Internet technical community.  For this purpose, nomination processes are periodically used for a limited number of occasions, such as recommending representatives of the technical community to the UN IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG).

 This set of principles has been formulated by a group of its participants who are actively involved in Internet governance issues. Acknowledging that the technical community is united by recognized individual expertise as much as by institutions, this group is not formalized in any way.

 These principles apply to the nomination processes above-mentioned (e.g. MAG). They do not intend to represent a consensus of views by the entire community.  Finally, the principles will continue to evolve over time to reflect the community’s evolving understanding of the issues addressed.

1. Preamble

 The Internet Technical Collaboration Group (ITCG) brings together the technical and policy expertise of individuals and organizations involved in the technical evolution and administration of specific Internet resources in a decentralized network approach to policy formulation for the Internet. This group includes people engaged in the technical organizations involved in developing, deploying, and operating aspects of the Internet architecture including operators, technology developers, and Internet ecosystem actors (e.g. IETF, ICANN, ISOC, RIRs, ccTLDs, IXPs, etc.), as well as persons contributing in their individual capacity through technical research, the development of Internet standards, and other relevant technical involvement, experience, and contributions, or who contribute actively in support of those efforts.

This group is dedicated to ensuring effective and appropriate technical representation in the formulation and implementation of multi-stakeholder Internet governance. Its technical contributors cooperate and coordinate to facilitate constructive contributions to Internet governance fora such as national and international Internet governance meetings.  \

2. Principles for participation and nomination processes

The ITCG coordinates its participation and nomination processes according to a set of self-determined principles:

-       Independence: We recognize that each stakeholder group is different, and respect the right of each stakeholder group to define its own processes.  This core group, representing the community in dealing with issues of Internet governance, does not represent any of its participants individually, nor is it exclusive of the formation of other core groups.

-       Community: The participating organizations and individuals come from a wide range of entities from around the world. While each has its own mission and its own role to play, participants are motivated by a common vision of an open and accessible Internet that brings shared economic and social benefits to all the world’s inhabitants, now and in the future. 

-        Transparency: The group engages with others transparently in Internet Governance discussions. 

-       Participation: Recognizing the importance of effective participation of all relevant stakeholders, and from all regions of the world, the group engages broadly to facilitate multistakeholder participation opportunities in Internet governance-related discussions. In addition, its participants encourage the inclusion of experts who could represent the technical community effectively in Internet governance discussions. .

-       Technical relevance and excellence: The contribution of our group and its representatives to specific Internet governance discussions will only be relevant to the extent that it rests firmly upon our collective technical knowledge and experience. We adhere rigorously to Internet engineering and management principles based upon common shared experience and rough consensus.

-       Collaboration: Acknowledging the importance of multistakeholder processes in Internet-related governance and policy discussions, participants of the group and their representatives commit to working with governments, national and international organizations, and all sectors of society to pursue their objectives in a collaborative and inclusive manner, while advancing a common goal of enhancing and exploiting the benefits of the Internet for everyone.


3. Coordination

 The Internet Society (ISOC) facilitates the coordination of the ITCG and its nomination processes of spokespeople to specific Internet governance discussions. In doing so, ISOC organizes periodic conference calls, manages mailing lists and will use other methods of communication and interaction such as websites to support the activities of the group.

 Participation in this group and nomination for representation roles are open to organizations and individuals with demonstrated background, experience and involvement as described in Section 1 that commit to supporting the principles above.  Requests to participate in the group will be assessed by the members of the group and agreed to on the basis of rough consensus. Participation in this group need not preclude participation through other avenues.

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