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The Community Informatics network/community is in the process of initiating
activity towards identifying suitable academic nominees from within our
community to forward to Inet for these purposes (as well as for others).


As the just about to be published special issue of the (double blind peer
reviewed) Journal of Community Informatics <http://ci-journal.net/>  is
concerned with Community Informatics in South and Southern Africa I expect
that we may have some excellent candidates both from Africa and from
elsewhere around the world where our network extends.






An internet for the common good - a Community Informatics Declaration: to
read and endorse http://tinyurl.com/kfaacqn


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So if you or anyone has specific recommendations to make, and that person(s)
wants to be considered, I'd be happy to take this back to the GigaNet
steering committee for modification. Unlike our friends in the ICC, we're
not too proud to make improvements in our work.

>I believe there are Academias who will definitely be interested and willing
to serve if they are >aware of this early enough and if they understood the
nominating process. However, I am still 


I notice you did not make any specific recommendations. I am making a good
faith effort to draw on the knowledge and connections that might be present
on this list. The offer still stands: provide viable names. 


I think you can understand that I am not going to be greatly moved by your
complaints about someone else's failure to come up with a volunteer for
Africa when you yourself have not provided any either. 


>Just because Giganet is based on IG does not mean that it be used as an
umbrella for all 

>especially as it does not have its representation in most of the continent 


We do have members on all continents, in fact, including Africa. We just did
not get volunteers from Africa. 


>There are research education networks which are continental based that can
do the 


Research and education networks are part of the technical community. They
are network administrators and builders. Some of them are professors, it is
true, and would span both sectors. But I would consider network
administrators to be tech community regardless of whether they are managing
ICTs for a university or a business. 


You have mentioned 3 out of 5 that has strong US affiliation, so how many do
we have left ;) Nevertheless i am not all about the numbers, but about fair


Nii Quaynor worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in the US for 14 years.
Does his US affiliation disqualify him for representing Africa?


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