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Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 13:12:28 UTC 2013

> Banal end of year observation: there’s been a lot of criticism of the 1net
> initiative for all kinds of reasons, but at least this list has quickly
> become one of the more vibrant spaces for really multistakeholder dialogue
> on IG.

Yes, because as I said before 1net as a platform for an open discussion is
a great idea. Now if we can start to focus on specific discussions, like
creating separate lists, we will be able to tackle some important issues
more effectively.

For example for many people privacy, and pervasive monitoring is an
important issue that goes across the entire spectrum of standards,
technical coordination, public policy, etc. I think we had a good
discussion on IETF and a draft is on its last stage to be published as an
informational RFC about what the technical community thinks and can do in
terms of standards and best practices development. We need to broaden that
discussion to other sectors, including governments, so lets start a
separate open dialog about this subject.

Another example, there are also concerns about access to the Internet,
particularly in developing countries, then lets start an open discussion
about what worked, what is needed and where, and how the different sectors
can cooperate and coordinate to make it happen. There are projects that
over the years have been providing this type of assistance like NSRC (
https://www.nsrc.org/), how we leverage and amplify that, how we can take
advantage of the giant pile of money at ICANN and some RIRs and NICs, after
all their are non-profits for the public good, and ICANN by just painting a
school in Africa that's not good enough.
Still part of the criticism (at least from me an others) is to try to have
1net as a corporate entity, with a new set of chairs and hats, that can
provide statements on behalf people it does no even represent, and then
we'll start to get buried on processes and rules. I still believe it is way
premature for this.

The Internet is a fabulous and novel communication medium, not just from
the technical side but also from the socioeconomic side, and it is of a
very dynamic nature. Yes we need to put data on packets so we can orderly
and efficiently moved them from point A to point B, but we must stop
putting people, ideas and conversations in boxes.

We all like and support the multi-stakeholder idea, but I think we will
never reach an agreement on who belongs to what stakeholder group, or who
represents who, I've seen this discussion going on and on for many years
and as I can see from the issues with the CS and BIZ groups that we are not
even closer to have a "box"

We are people, from different sectors, interested to continue contributing
to the development of the Internet, make it better, safer, more accessible,
you name it, I don't care what T-shirt or hat I have to wear or others
wear, what makes the discussion so rich is that we are from different
places, different origins and backgrounds, with different experiences in
the evolution of the Internet as makers and users, different ideas, some
bad some good, not because I'm from a particular group, or have some hat or
I've a signature block of 40 lines.

So lets stop putting tags on people and them in boxes,

Yes I'm a "techie" but over my career in electronics, networking and
computer science (including politics and policy development) I had the
opportunity to work with and for the private sector, governments,
international organizations and non-profits, and I always enjoyed
volunteering and sharing my experience and learning's without having to
wear any hat or expecting something in return.

This is the magic of the Internet, we are all over the world, having an
open dialog and sharing ideas to make good things happen.

One last anecdote, no doubt face to face meetings help, but when I had the
opportunity and privilege to connect my country (Argentina) for the very
first time to the Internet in 1990, all the work to make that happen was
done via email with UUCP, few phone calls and a fax (NSF wanted a signature
!!).. So never underestimate the power of an open dialog like this because
great things can be accomplished.

Best Wishes for New Year

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