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+ 1, from a virtual, non-Euiclidean, but I argue, democratic dimension 
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Since I do not bother being bashed, I dare to advance (borrowing from
Geometry, please recall that in the distant past I did naval
engineering) that "multistakeholder" is orthogonal to "democracy",
"participation" and so on. We make multistakeholder democratic and
participative by our own (each stakeholder's) actions.

fraternal regards


On 04/18/2014 12:05 PM, McTim wrote:
>> Clearly there is an intent to replace democratic governance with
>> multistakeholder governance. But this issue is not addressed in a forthright
>> manner anywhere in the document.
> I believer the opposite to be true.
> You and a few other folk would like to replace the 40 year old
> existing governance model of the Internet with a version of
> Westphalianism.
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> McTim
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