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At 03:48 03/02/2014, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>> > I feel you support this Brazil meeting a lot: what do you expect 
>> from > it as it is in less than three months and totally 
>> unprepared in term > of agenda.
>Would you have accused the American and French revolutionaries of 
>being "totally unprepared?" An accurate charge, perhaps, but an 
>irrelevant one, no? When has anyone ever been "prepared" for such 
>things? When new things happen people are making it up as they go 
>along. Some of us embrace this heady stuff, others run and hide 
>under heir beds, others complain....

This is an interesting point of view, we should dig into. History 
tells us the future.

If we consider the French Revolution there was an MS meeting ("Etats 
Generaux") that had been called by the King (Fadi as Louis XVI and 
Dilma as Marie-Antoinette?). It had been prepared by the people's 
documentation of their "doleances" (registers of grievances). The 
Revolution started there and then became popular with a broad part of 
the people before becoming Terror.  Remember that Napoleon became the 
nephew by marriage of Louis XVI (he married the niece of 
Marie-Antoinette). Big revolutions are prepared and slow. This is Per 
Bak's self-organized criticality. In the French case it included the 
Napoleonic wars, a BIG balkanization (here the term is correct: 
Sarajevo was a French prefecture) of the network

In our case I see no register of grievances, however /1net was 
probably meant to be an effort in that direction. Are you a candidate 
to play the role of the Internet Marat, Danton or Roberspierre?

If we consider the American Revolution, we see there was the Tea 
Party, then the emergence of each state. I could compare this to the 
Open Roots. The Bristish sticked to and tried to enforce a single 
authoritative crown, and eventually failed.

I do not see Sao Paulo as set to organize a World Internet Congress 
(that is the IGF) nor Fadi Chehade as a Jefferson and the 
Montevideans as the Internet Committee of Five.(ICANN, ISOC, IETF, IAB, NRO)

You will remember that during the American Revolution everything 
depended on the alliance of Washington's and Lafayette's troops. My 
feeling is that in our case this is the alliance of Vint Cerf's and 
Louis Pouzin's initial ideas and more recently the netix concept 
(whatever it can be) allying posix and iternet.

We already have two occurrences of it:

- the American commercial OpenStand alliance at the manufacturers 
layer [IEEE and the I*people Fadi's ICROWN tries to become the 
leader] documented by Russ Housley as a successor of Dave Clarke, 
Brian Carpenter, John Klensin ...
- the French civil society "IUsers" (I-Minute-Men? I-snow-shoes, Lead 
Users) proposition of JFC

Will they ally? That looks like the IUCG at IETF? Will JFC continue his 
appeal against RFC 6852 because it does not provide a MS conciliation 
in case of technical/societal conflict?

>> > Or should we see it as a ministerial BarCamp?
>Forget the ministers....belly up to the Bar...try not to be too camp

I mean the unpreparation of "an international network of 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference>unconferences primarily 
focused around technology and the Web" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp.

I also refered to the "Camp du Drap d'or" (Field of the Cloth of 
Gold) between King Fadi and Queen Dilma. Please remember that the 
Chesapeake Bay and Austerlitz were French victories which concluded 
both revolutions. And that in both cases what came afterward (Snowden 
and Waterloo) implied the British involvment :-) after many other 
great and smaller countries were involved.

I also refered to the NetixBarCamp announced by JFC for this summer. 
It will be interesting to see the preparation and the outcome of such 
an individual initiative.

Your remark was full of teaching and interesting images and 
metaphores. Internet as the Vint Washington and Louis Lafayette 
convergence and I-Minutemen against the ICROWN are definitly 
interesting analogies. We could remember that a significant 
opposition to the French Jacobine revolution has been Dom Pedro's 
independance of Brazil. Will the circle close in Sao Paulo.


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