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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Jan 15 14:25:24 UTC 2014

>Several members of the 1net Steering Committee communicated
>on the Steering Committee email list that they were deeply uncomfortable
>with the announcement in the Brazilian 10 Jan press release of 1net's supposed
> role in the Brazilian meeting  without the Steering Committee,
I've been looking through the archives and must say that I am somewhat disappointed with these expressions.
I think there have been several indications, going back to mid-November, that the 1net steering committee would be appointing nonstate actors to the 4 committees that would be programming the Brazil meeting. After going through a laborious and contentious process of appointing people to this committee to do just that, I am wondering why Vladimir and others are suddenly expressing fear and loathing at the idea that they are actually responsible for doing something (and quickly).
If you read this message: http://1net-mail.1net.org/pipermail/steercom/2014-January/000042.html  you will find a 1net person saying that he thinks the LOC should spend weeks negotiating with the newly appointed 1net committee aboiut what it should do, rather than starting to execute. If this is correct, and I am not misreading it, I would suggest that committee members who are not ready to spring into action are leeting down the communities that appointed them. I would encourage you and Validimir to reconsider your 'deep discomfort' or at least articulate a better idea of what you think you _should_ be doing on that committee.

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