[discuss] Net Neutrality: Perhaps the FCC is the wrong agency?

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Wed Jun 4 00:30:07 UTC 2014

At 21:38 03/06/2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>I think people have become a bit too comfortable in believing they
>understand the issues.

 From my low level understanding I believe you are 100% true. The 
whole human thinking, societal system, etc. are engaged into a major 
change of which most only consider the surface.

I refered to bandwidth because this is the FCC preoccupation for 80 
years. Then came the change they led in introducing competition after 
having introduced ITU MSism (coordinating Ma Bell and other carriers 
over the mix with other technologies). And as you say content 
monitoring. With the Internet they probably need the assistance of the NSA?

NTIA has bet on the DNS root and IP addresses. From what I observe 
these bets might be confronted to grassroots generalizations and 
OpenStand market related global communities.

Anyway, for a global network one needs a global solution. This is 
what NTIA looks for but the idea of a structural organization (ICANN) 
is anachronic. This has to be a neutral algorithm based protocol.


>In order for the internet to work as we've come to expect many pieces
>must operate properly and fairly.
>Bandwidth is only one dimension. For example, do we need DNS
>Unfortunately what I foresee is if there is success in enforcing
>"bandwidth neutrality" then the oligopolies will leap to some other
>dimension eventually tiring out the hue and cry.
>I think the problem is govt protected but largely unregulated and
>unchallenged oligopoly, not these various symptoms we observe.
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