[discuss] IANA missing information

Elisabeth Blanconil info at vgnic.org
Mon Mar 17 16:01:21 UTC 2014

I am interested in the status of the IANA missing information. Once 
the NTIA is gone, who will I be able to call upon: on the ombudsman?

I am having an awfull time this afternoon because I work on EZoP. The 
IANA TLD database as displayed does not provide the labels registered 
in the root (i.e. puny coded) by their displayed script. This is 
obviously a cause for dismay and errors for developers like me. This 
lack of proper documentation may therefore hurt many. Should we call 
on a Californian Judge for it?  And wait for the procedure to 
develop, a Judge to order ICANN to do properly its IANA work, or to 
tell me he does not care, so I have to appeal up to the supreme-court?

This is the kind of unequal footing issues we cannot accept.

So, I will not wait for a Californian Judge, for an NTIA statement, 
an ICANN ombudsman, a press campaign, etc. I am going to carry the 
work and make it freely available to the community in a CVS or JSON 
format or publish it in a compact "IANA as a Database", so ICANN and 
the IETF Trust can sue me. So, Jefsey is not alone in jail!


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