[discuss] FW: Comcast undertakes 9 year IETF cosponsorship!?

Shatan, Gregory S. GShatan at ReedSmith.com
Sat Mar 22 03:25:55 UTC 2014

In many ways this not even news.  There is existing history of sponsorship.  From the announcement:

History of IETF sponsorship:

  *   IETF 71, in Philadelphia – Comcast was the sole sponsor of the meeting, the Welcome Reception, and the fiber connectivity

  *   IETF 77, in Anaheim – Comcast was a supporting sponsor
  *   IETF 78, in Maastricht - Comcast was a supporting sponsor

  *   IETF 80, in Prague - Comcast was a supporting sponsor
  *   IETF 81, in Quebec City - Comcast was a supporting sponsor
  *   IETF 82, in Taipei - Comcast was a supporting sponsor

  *   IETF 83, in Paris - NBCUniversal was a supporting sponsor
  *   IETF 85, in Atlanta – Comcast was a primary co-sponsor along with other organizations in the North American Cable industry, Comcast sponsored the fiber connectivity, and Comcast was a sponsor/participant in Bits-n-Bites

  *   IETF 86, in Orlando – Comcast and NBCUniversal jointly sponsored the meeting, NBCUniversal sponsored the Welcome Reception, and Comcast was a sponsor/participant in Bits-n-Bites
  *   IETF 87, in Berlin - Comcast was a sponsor/participant in Bits-n-Bites
  *   IETF 88, in Vancouver – Comcast, via a joint North American cable industry sponsorship, provided sponsorship support, and Comcast was a sponsor/participant in Bits-n-Bites
  *   Starring in 2013, Comcast also committed to underwrite the costs of several lunch meetings of the "IETF Systers", a networking and mentoring group for women at the IETF.

  *   IETF 89, in London - Comcast sponsored the Welcome Reception
History of support for the Internet Society:

  *   Comcast: ISOC Platinum member continuously for six years, from 2008 to 2013.
  *   NBCUniversal: ISOC Executive member from 2011 to 2012, upgraded to Platinum member in 2013.
  *   In 2013 NBCUniversal was a sponsor of the Internet Society Public Policy Fellows program including hosting the "Internet Society Public Policy Fellows Dinner" held in Orlando during IETF 86. The Dinner is an important event in welcoming and orienting guest regulators from all over the world as they come to observe and discuss the value and effectiveness of the open standards process.
  *   Both Comcast and NBCUniversal have representatives that participate in the ISOC Organizational Advisory Committee.
  *   Jason Livingood, Vice President, Comcast, has served on the ISOC Board of Trustees since 2011. Jason is currently the Treasurer of the Internet Society, chairs the Finance Committee, serves on the Executive Committee, recently served on the CEO Search Committee, and previously chaired the Election Committee.
Comcast and NBCUniversal have encouraged others in their industries to join and support ISOC financially, and to participate in the IETF.

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If you wish to argue there's a subversion of process, you will need a
better argument better than insinuation of this sort.  We have plenty
of process problems around the Internet without making up new ones
that we don't have.

RFC 3869, IAB:

"The principal thesis of this document is that if commercial funding is the main source of funding for future Internet research, the future of the Internet infrastructure could be in trouble. In addition to issues about which projects are funded, the funding source can also affect the content of the research, for example, towards or against the development of open standards, or taking varying degrees of care about the effect of the developed protocols on the other traffic on the Internet."

"Unqiue benefits for our Platinum Contributors

  *   the opportunity to designate funds for sponsorship of specific Internet activities and projects."

If you are trying to make an argument by quoting rfc3869 and then quoting a page from the ISOC website I think you will have to do better than that, as one is related to research and the Comcast partnership is about IETF meetings and other activities.  ISOC itself doesn't do research in the way that DNS-OARC or CAIDA or others do it.  ISOC does surveys mainly and recently economic effects of IXPs, etc.

If you would prefer public funding for IETF activities, then please state that, otherwise, one can't tell what your argument is all about.



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