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Wed Mar 26 16:20:43 UTC 2014

Dear Andrea,

Always a pleasure to read you!

At 16:10 26/03/2014, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
>The Statement of the European Commission of 15 March which you 
>quoted (available at 
>clearly says the Commission will work "together with the US and all 
>global stakeholders" (emphasis added). I'm at a loss to understand 
>how you would interpret that as a "EC+EU government-led solution".

Very simply :-): in reading the statement of the European Commission 
of 15 March which you quoted (available at 
which clearly says the Commission will work "together with the US 
(emphasis added)" and all global stakeholders. I'm at a loss to 
understand how you would interpret that as a non-government-led solution.

This is not an objection, to the contrary, it is a support, provided 
the Commission democratically represents us as it used to. We 
European voters are like the Brazilian ones, we expect our 
Parliament, Government, our Continental structures to protect us from 
the possible bad effects and to help us benefit from the good effects 
that globalization might mean. So we are found of this kind of things 
one calls the Human Rights, in particular in this case the Article 21 
and 28. I must say that I have some difficulty to match them with the 
MSism along the retiring NTIA. In particular I do not perceive easily 
how the ICANN/IANA globalization entitles me "to a social and 
international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in 
this Declaration can be fully realized". I see no nationally based 
democratic procedure within ICANN and IANA, I observe that on this 
list my constitutional duties to protect the digital environment are 
not protected (ex. discriminiation against free VGN discussion, which 
are necessary to the "free and full development of my personality", 
one whish to subject us to limitations that are not determined by law 
(solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for 
the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just 
requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a 
democratic society), because one wishes to curb my rights and 
freedoms in a way contrary to the purposes and principles of the 
United Nations (in establishing a new international digital order 
foreign to UN governements).

I am sure that you will help us to the maximum to clarify this 
complicate situation and you Nelly will win our renewed support for a 
bold Euopean action to protect our interest in a few weeks. We expect 
the EC to count the European multitude among the global stakeholders 
(*) it intends to work with.


(*) I have just a small problem. I use to use 
for the consolidated version of the Lisabon Treaty. I made a search 
in it for the word "stakeholder" and did not find that term. Would 
you have a European legal reference defining what are what the 
Commission is going to work with on behalf of the Member States and 
of their Citizens. This would obviously help, as well as the legally 
accepted HR.21 process which will organize them. 
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